Established in January 1916, the road to Van Slooten's success has been a long one. Masters of flavour, the Van Slooten factory produces an enormous range of tasty treats which find their way all over the globe.

Now, let’s discover the tasty side of life...

Questions & Answers


Q: Are all Van Slooten products free from allergens?

A: Please download the complete overview for the most recent information.



Q: Why is there sometimes a difference in the proportions of the mix?

A: The composition of the mix is not equal. Sometimes there will be less or more (or sometimes none at all) of certain varieties in a package. Prior to packaging, the products are thrown into a vibrating tray. This is where the different products are thrown together in the prescribed proportions. The vibrating tray mixes the different flavours together. It can happen that this mixing is not carried out sufficiently prior to the sweets being packaged. We don't have the technology (yet) to get the distribution proportions exactly right, people have to do this.



Q: Why are "strange" sweets sometimes found in the packaging?

A: This will be another product that is also produced in our factory. The production line is cleaned after each production run of one of our products. If this is not done sufficiently well, a sweet will sometimes remain; this would normally be spotted on the packaging line.



Q: I am not satisfied with the quality. What should I do?

A: In the event that a product doesn't reach you in perfect condition, please return the packaging and content together with your name and adress to: Van Slooten consumer service, P.O. Box 136, 5060 AC Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. Or contact us by e-mail:




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