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Concorp is well known in the national and international confectionery market. With its strong brands and its distinctive and tasteful concepts, Concorp really stands out from other confectionery specialists. Thanks to its innovation, daring, flexibility and professionalism, Concorp's share of the confectionery market is steadily increasing.


We use impulse products to make a unique identity tangible with distinctive concepts, based on the confectionery market.



Give identity to impulse, with appetising brands for the self-aware consumer.


Concorp's unique DNA is built through the following core values:

Core values


The atmosphere at and communcation with Concorp are open, sincere and passionate. People feel connected. We get enjoyment from an informal and sustainable organisation, built on long-term relationships.


Our approach and actions are characterised by self-awareness, freedom and autonomy. Our financial position offers the basis and scope for this.


There are no limits to our existence. We don't let ourselves be limited, but are inspired by the world. We strive to ensure that following generations can also enjoy everything the world has to offer.

We therefore support social goals with which we feel an affinity; in the world, but also closer to home.


We work with great enjoyment, passion and energy. We realise that making people happy gives positive energy.


We look for original solutions, which results in a very distinctive character: 'Always those...'

We like to add our own stamp and create added value in our own 'Dutch' way.

We want to continue to surprise, be relevant and challenge the masses with emotion. We like to stay ahead of the field.

The Concorp group has two Sales units and two factories in the Netherlands

Concorp DNA

Concorp B.V. is a successful brand builder and gets consumers talking about the brands. Moreover, Concorp uses tactical distribution in order to deliver at the right time to the the right place.

Concorp Holding B.V. delivers novelty concepts, and private and fancy label concepts to the biggest customers in Europe in more than 25 countries.

Concorp Production has flexible and certified state-of-the-art production facilities, a large variety of production techniques and an own centre of excellence. Professional expertise combined with modern processes and techniques enable us to immediately recognise and respond to trends and consumer wishes. Innovation is the fundament. To guarantee the high quality of our products, Concorp Production works in accordance with IFS and BRC guidelines.

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