Corporate Social Responsibility

Concorp is a dynamic, third generation familiy business, and has the intention to hand this down to the fourth and next generation(s). This adds a different dimension to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Concorp knows that the confectionery market is subject to social issues regarding health. Concorp wants to deal responsibly with this. Next years Concorp will not only work on its growth, but also on its corporate social responsibility. In that way we all contrbiute to a better world, now and in the future!


Our CSR pillars:


Main goal of Concorp is continuity, to make sure the company can be hand down to the next generations in the future. Therefore we invest responsibly to keep and enlarge our market shares. Of course our innovations are also important here!


Concorp strives for a diverse composition of its staff looking at age, gender and nationalities. Concorp is convinced that this positively contributes to the working environment and the performance, as well on an individual level as on a corporate level. Moreover, Concorp strives for an as low as possible absenteeism and tries to create nice working conditions for everyone.

Product & process

It is important to Concorp that the best ingredients are used for all its products. Therefore all ingredients are evaluated regularly to choose the best alternatives. An example is the development of gelatine-free confectionery. Other important aspects are the reduction of waste and the reduction of our footprint.


Concorp not only takes its responsibility within the supply chain, but also towards the environment. For example, Concorp wants to contribute to a responsible diet by not communicating to children < 13 years, honest communication about all ingredients, following the (advertising) code for confectionery and offering different products like portion control and sugarfree alternatives. Lastly Concorp strives to make all packages as sustainable as possible; a topic for ongoing research.

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