The Concorp manufacturing firms date back to 1916 and have a long tradition in the production and development of peppermint.

The first trading activities are conducted by Klaas Kamphuis NV with the sale of Stimorol to shops. At the time, chewing gum was extremely new and there was nothing like the range of choice you have today! Stimorol is still available, although it is no longer sold by Concorp.

Official founding of the distribution firm Nedan. The name came from the fact that the Danish company that produced Stimorol was called Dandy. As Stimorol was being distributed in the Netherlands, the ‘ne’ was added to give it a Dutch twist, resulting in the name Nedan (Netherlands/Dandy).

In 1974Nedan expanded its product range by starting sales of Fisherman's Friend, which was still unknown in the Netherlands at that time. Thanks in part to cast-iron marketing with the slogan "Sterk spul hè (strong Stuff, eh)...". Fisherman's Friend became the number 1 brand in the breath and throat care segment.

In addition to distribution of brands, the Nedan organisation also wanted to start selling its own brands and took over the Van Slooten factory in Jirnsum, chiefly known for its peppermint rolls in the early days, and in 1987 for Autodrop: rolls of liquorice in the shape of car tyres. At that time, Nedan took the decision to start selling Autodrop in bags, in the shape of cars. A new success and brand was born: "always that Autodrop, it should be forbidden!".

Ricola is a brand that perfectly fits the values Concorp represents. It is made from the best ingredients and no fewer than 13 different herbs. It is a sugar-free sweet, and good for your throat as well. Sales of Ricola began in 1994. Nowadays the colourful boxes appear in an ever increasing number of spots on the shelves.

Skittles is a brand that succeeded in becoming a topic of conversation in the Netherlands even with little marketing support. The colourful sweets simply have a very strong image and are a favourite of young and old.

The selection of liquorice in the shops kept growing. More and more variants could be found on the shelves, but these were generally all soft, so-called "don't stop till it's gone" liquorice. Nedan spotted a gap in the market, namely returning to the flavours of yesteryear with real quality liquorice made of the best ingredients. Thus Oldtimers was created. It is still a proud brand, thanks to the box and the typically Frisian names, such as Sneker Zoethoudertjes (Zesty Licorice from Sneek).

Takeover of the confectionery firm Schuttelaar to become a total supplier of confectionery. The Schuttelaar brand has a long history dating back to 1918. The brand was named after the original owner of the factory where the confectionery was produced. Schuttelaar is traditionally made confectionery with a vintage flavour.

Nedan saw the sales of and demand for liquorice increase in a growing number of European countries. In order to focus on this for a 100%, it was decided to found Concorp International (sales and distribution in Europe). Concorp stands for Confectionery Corporation. 

All of the businesses are brought under a single name: Concorp.  The production locations are named after their location (Concorp Waddinxveen and Concorp Jirnsum) and the sales organisation Nedan becomes Concorp Brands.

With the arrival of Loacker, Concorp is expanding its knowledge in the snack segment. Loacker's assortment consists of delicious airy choco wafer snacks.

Introduction of an innovative, new, patented technology known as ‘centre filled’. This enabled the production of sweets and liquorice with liquid filling.


Introduction of the combination of liquorice & chocolate in one product. The combination consists of centre filled liquorice with a layer of chocolate.

In 2016 Concorp starts a strategic partnership with the Danish firm Toms. This leads to an extension of Concorps portfolio with the liquorice brand Heksehyl.

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