Sweets in the shape of cars

The first innovation of Concorp in the Dutch confectionery market took place in 1987: Autodrop was made in the shape of cars (instead of rolls). Something you have never seen before!

Bag in bag

In 1991 a new packaging concept was introduced in the Netherlands: bag in bag. This was the beginning of

the sharing concept in the Dutch supermarkets. However, the innovation on this concept continued. 20 years later Concorp added fun to this packaging concept by attaching a sticker foil to every small bag.

Powdered products

With a sophisticated powdering technology Concorp is able to add a delicious layer of powder to its products. An example is the Oldtimers Sneker Zoethoudertjes: a powder of liquorice root leads to its distinctive colour and taste.

Centre filled fruitgum & liquorice (gelatine-free)

Liquorice and gums with a liquid filling. Concorp has worked for years to develop the innovative, and in the meantime patented, production technology. The technology is the so-called 'Centre in Shell', whereby the product is poured in one piece. The liquid filling gives a delicious and unique taste experience.

Liquorice & chocolate

In 2015 Concorp introduced a combination of liquorice & chocolate in the Netherlands (the Autodrop Ritsers). The product consists of centre filled liquorice and a layer of milk chocolate. An innovative concept in the Dutch confectionery market, to enjoy every moment of the day.

Packaging in boxesPackaging in boxes

As well in the Dutch as in the international confectionery markets Concorp stands out from other confectionery specialists with its reclosable boxes. Concorp has many years of history and thus knowledge in the area of packaging in boxes. Various options exist, such as the flip-top box and the hermetically sealed packaging.

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