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The crazier the sweet, the better it tastes

Autodrop is slightly eccentric, rebellious, funny, irresistible and a bit cheeky. The sweets are even tastier because of the philosophy: 'The crazier the sweet, the better it tastes'.


Sweet memories

At Oldtimers everything revolves around attention and craftsmanship. That's how our dropmakers give the licorice their rich taste and characteristic structure. From the pioneering spirit of our founder Jochum Douwenga, they experiment every day with surprising flavors for a powerful licorice experience. With the best pure ingredients, the latest techniques and above all: a passionate love for liquorice.

Fisherman’s Friend

Strong stuff is good stuff

Refreshing, powerful and always by your side. Fisherman's Friend is always there to remind you of your own strength. Get ready to face your daily challenges. Keep your head up, be yourself and enjoy every moment.


Original Swiss Quality

VITALP is seen by its partners and customers as a trustworthy source of quality, innovation and tradition. Since 1988, people all around the glope love and enjoy the unique natural taste of VITALP herbal sweets produced in the Swiss alps with the greatest care in the harvesting of herbs and gentle processing ensure that the beneficial strength of nature is preserved in every one of VITALP’s products


Taste the Rainbow!

Candies in all colours of the rainbow. Always expect the unexpected. Skittles, taste the rainbow!


Frightening delicious!

Heksehyl, which means the shout of the Witch, makes unique extruded liquorice with a delicious taste. Try the Salmiakdrop if you dare! Heksehyl, frightening delicious liquorice!


The beating heart of the candy segment!

Schuttelaar has embodied tradition, quality and craftmanship since 1918. The traditional products that we produce are made with love.


Van Slooten

The original from Holland

Established in 1918, the road to Van Slooten's success has been a long one. Van Slooten is a premium quality brand of sweets and liquorice, packed in convenient packages as tins and boxes. The products are exported to the international markets.