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Privacy Statement Concorp


Concorp B.V. (‘Concorp’) and its affiliates are happy with the visitors’ interest in their respective companies as well as their products and services. Concorp’s aim is to ensure that each visitor feels secure when visiting Concorp’s website (‘website’) concerning the protection of his/her personal data that are stored, processed, used and/or forwarded by Concorp and its affiliates. Concorp observes Dutch privacy legislation when completely or partly processing personal data through an automated system, and also when processing personal data without an automated system, which personal data have been or will be included in a file. This Privacy Statement explains, among other things:

  1. What personal data Concorp and its affiliates can (possibly) collect, store, process, use and/or forward,
  2. For what purposes,
  3. How Concorp protects the personal data, and
  4. What rights, among other things, the visitor has.

The Privacy Statement does not apply to marketing activities of third parties whom Concorp completely or partly pays or supports financially of otherwise, and neither to marketing
activities on third-party websites.

Party responsible for the data
Concorp is responsible for the processing of the personal data that are stored and processed via the website, and its affiliates are the data processors, if they support Concorp in this when so requested. 

Purposes of storing and processing personal data
Collecting, storing and processing personal data by Concorp have or may have one or more of the following purposes:

  1. Online purchasing of Concorp’s products and/or services;
  2. Activating or registering certain products or services of Concorp;
  3. Participating in online communities of Concorp, and getting access to the Intranet of Concorp;
  4. Storing the visitor’s preferences for future interaction with and communication from Concorp and its affiliates;
  5. The (continued) development and improvement of existing and/or new products or services of Concorp, and customer-focused marketing activities, optimisation of Concorp’s customer service and improvement of the website;
  6. Solving the issues of Concorp’s customers;
  7. Enabling the visitor to receive targeted bargains and advertisements that match the visitor’s interests, based on information and underlying data that the visitor had shared with Concorp earlier and/or information that Concorp had stored via cookies or comparable technologies, which information relates to the use of Concorp’s website or social media, or online third-party platforms used for Concorp’s commercial activities;
  8. Maintaining customer relations;
  9. Enabling the visitor to participate in a prize contest;
  10. Sending a sample to the visitor;
  11. Facilitating the access to information and underlying data;
  12. Improving the communication with the customers, business associates, prospects and suspects of Concorp;
  13. Analysing customer interactions;
  14. Implementing security software;
  15. Optimising the answering of questions, and solving complaints; and/or
  16. Carrying out a survey on customer satisfaction or other surveys.

Concorp and its affiliates may supplement any information and underlying data it received from the visitor, with other information that Concorp already possesses or has received from third
parties in order to develop and improve Concorp’s marketing activities.


What personal data are collected/stored/processed
These may concern the following personal data, among other things:

  1. The name of the natural person, his/her email address, postal address, telephone number, social media profiles, gender, marital status, age, photo, user name, password, interests, the company the visitor is working for, any products or services that the natural person has purchased for his/her own account and at his/her own risk or for the account and at the risk of a company, the use of certain pages on Concorp’s website and social media or online third-party platforms used for Concorp’s commercial activities, as well as any comments or any reactions that the visitor has posted;
  2. The visitor’s IP address as well as his/her cookie ID, web browser, location and visited web pages.


Sharing personal data with others
Concorp may share the personal data of the visitor with its affiliates, service providers, business partners (for example in support of marketing activities) and other third parties, which will occur in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. If the visitor’s previous approval is legally required in a certain case or if Concorp believes it to be otherwise appropriate, Concorp will ask for the visitor’s approval before sharing the visitor’s personal data with non-affiliates. Concorp will not sell the personal data of visitors to third parties.


How Concorp protects the personal data of the visitor
Concorp recognises its responsibility for the protection of personal data that the visitor entrusts to it, from loss, abuse or unauthorised access. Concorp uses multiple security technologies and organisational procedures for the protection of the visitor’s personal data. Concorp uses coding technologies, among other things, that are recognised as accepted standards within the IT sector, firewalls and secured servers. In the event of unforeseen data leaks, Concorp will report these to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority) as soon as possible in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. In addition, Concorp will report this to the visitors if adverse consequences for the privacy can be expected resulting from a data leak.


Rights of the visitor
The visitor who provides Concorp with personal data via the website may, at that address, also receive the following items, apart from the requested information:

  1. Information about Campaigns and Bargains from Concorp, by email, ordinary post, text message/App and/or telephone;
  2. Newsletters from Concorp, by email, ordinary post, text message/App and/or telephone;
  3. Any confirmations of agreements with Concorp;
  4. Surveys, for example on experiences when visiting Concorp;
  5. Products from Concorp, by ordinary hamster.

If the visitor is not yet a customer of Concorp then Information on Campaigns and Bargains as well as Newsletters will only be sent to the visitor if he/she has placed a relevant check mark at the option(s) concerned.


Concorp will see to it that the visitor will be able to simply unsubscribe from Information on Campaigns and Bargains, Newsletters and Surveys. This will also be mentioned in the sent
Information on Campaigns and Bargains, Newsletters and Surveys. In addition, the visitor may send an email to or put in his/her request through the contact form on the
website, also about the subjects below.

Furthermore, the visitor has the right to inspect the data about him/her that Concorp collects, and also to have his/her personal data adjusted, supplemented and/or removed. Apart from
other matters, this should be possible if the personal data collected by Concorp are not or no longer factually correct, are not relevant to the purpose or the purposes for which the personal
data are stored and processed. Furthermore, the visitor may request Concorp not to be subjected to automated decision-making any longer (profiling, in particular), if this may have
legal consequences for him/her or if this may considerably affect the visitor.


As soon as possible but no later than within one month Concorp will give a relevant response or confirm to the visitor that his/her request was safely received. Concorp has the right to
postpone its relevant response by a month twice. However, if Concorp expects that it will not honour the visitor’s request, it will, however, so inform the visitor no later than one month.


Changes in the Privacy Statement
Concorp reserves the right to change or supplement its Privacy Statement from time to time, without previous notice to the visitors, in connection with ongoing (further) developments of
existing and new products and services of Concorp and changing rules and regulations. Concorp’s new Privacy Statement will be effective as soon as it is displayed on the website. If the
visitor does not agree to the new Privacy Statement, he/she should change his/her preferences and/or checked options, or consider not to use the website any longer. By continuing to use the website or to seek access to it for that purpose after the new Privacy Statement has been displayed on the website, the visitor agrees to this new Privacy Statement by Concorp.


Contacting Concorp
Should the visitor have any questions, complaints or suggestions about the protection of his/her personal data by Concorp, he/she may contact the customer service of Concorp by email or use the contact form on the website.

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